Welcome to the NCSA "Digital Urban Informatics" web site at NCSA.


This project is to apply innovative computational thinking to environmental applications by developing a new "Digital Urban Informatics" computational and data infrastructure framework.  NCSA’s will specifically research use cases including urban stormwater management and flooding control problem and groundwater sustainability for drought risk analysis . 


This research will develop a next generation “Digital Urban Informatics” framework to significantly improve real-time situational awareness and decision support capabilities for water resource management with several demonstrative use cases mentioned here.   The research will include a technology interoperability study to ensure that application of the framework will not only be applicable to water resource management worldwide, but also to other e-Science applications such as disaster recovery and emergency management.  This project will benefit the environmental and water resources management community by enabling novel approaches to processing, managing, and visualizing diverse geo-spatial data and gaining new insights. There will be several advanced demonstrations, including using participatory Citizen sensing and real-time modeling to improve situational awareness and fast turn-around-time for event-driven model simulation using the Azure Cloud.

This project is a collaborative effort between NCSA and Microsoft Research Connections "Earth, Energy and Environment (E3)" group's Environmental Informatics Framework program and the Microsoft Research "Project Hawaii" program.